Ashford Cladding Systems Ltd was established in 1988 and over the ensuing 24 years has worked with a number of high profile clients, producing cladding solutions of the highest possible standard.

A quality cladding service can transform the appearance and structural integrity of a building with minimal cost and time commitment. Here at Ashford we use only the highest quality materials and thus offer our clients long term solutions as opposed to short term fixes, with all of our work being guaranteed in this respect.

Our experiences predominantly come from commercial buildings and thus we have expertise and knowledge obtained from working on a number of large and high profile projects. We have qualifications and certification allowing us to work to a variety of different industry specifications and standards, and always ensure the quality and effectiveness of our cladding solutions.

Profiled metal cladding systems offer a fantastic solution to a number of small and large-scale industrial buildings. It is one of the most common and traditional materials used in roof and wall cladding systems, and have been developed over the years to become increasingly effective.

A profiled metal system can offer a wide range of colours, styles, profiles and orientations in order to provide a high quality aesthetic finish to a range of buildings. Due to the manufactured nature of the material, it can be adapted to suit an array of unique and diverse needs and requirements.

The durability of profiled metal cladding is also hugely beneficial, of course depending on the quality of the material. Ashford only ever uses the highest quality materials, as the pride we have in our work requires this. Although quality materials may cost more initially, in the long run they will save money. We have established relationships with numerous suppliers and always ensure competitive prices and good time efficiency.

With a great diversity of expertise we are not only able to support you with the construction process, but we can assist you even in the planning and design stages. We have experience of working on a number of large scale projects for a variety of high profile clients and truly believe that we can deliver on any brief.

Communications is truly our strong point and we will ensure that you are made aware of all of your options with regards to style, colour, material, finish, insulation etc. We guarantee a fully comprehensive service that will truly deliver and our wealth of positive testimony further backs this up.

At Ashford, we’re experienced in designing and installing a wide variety of composite cladding systems, and therefore can help find the perfect solution to match your needs. We have worked with composite on numerous large scale cladding projects, for a number of high profile clients, and are confident of fulfilling any project brief to the highest possible standards.

Composite has numerous benefits as a roofing solution and can be the perfect fit for your needs. Firstly, its pre-finished surface requires minimal maintenance and reduces your on-going building costs and increases the longevity of the solution.

Also it is diverse and can be stretched, bent, rolled and manipulated to fit any design specification. This makes it suitable also for complex and unique builds.

Cladding systems of this nature can deliver a wide range of styles and tones to compliment any existing building. They can transform an old grey factory overnight, and also give it real personality and identity. Whether you want a wood finish or metal finish, modern or retro, bright and bold or dull and understated, you can find the perfect material to match your vision with composite.

Ashford have developed their experience with using composite over a number of years, and after beginning on smaller scale projects have now for many years been involved in large scale builds, successfully translating a wide range of unique and innovative design aspects. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our team and can thus ensure that any project is managed to the highest possible standards. We also have experts in the design process and can help to create as well as achieve your vision.

Structural cladding solutions can improve both the aesthetics and structural integrity of your building simultaneously, and thus increase its longevity. It is the perfect solution if you have just purchased an old building or simply want to improve the quality of an existing one.

This type of cladding solution can be used to replace defective cladding or maintain an existing cladding system, reconfigure facades, convert balconies and walkways to establish further useable interior space, and create and extend parapets.

Ashford is able to provide you with a full structural survey initially, in order to evaluate if, where and how the structure of your building needs to be improved. We can then assist you with the design process to create a solution that fulfils both your structural and aesthetic demands.

With a vast range of experience and expertise within structural cladding, we are able to offer the best advice, with regards to; material, technique, insulation, time line, and all manner of other unique building demands. We can source the best quality materials at highly competitive prices, and thus ensure that the build is fulfilled to a high specification.

Here at Ashford, we believe strongly in quality and our record of immense customer satisfaction further backs this up. Structural cladding is the perfect option for anyone wanting to enhance the standard of their building, whilst also updating its aesthetics. Non-structural cladding can be a great short-term solution, but by considering the structure too, you remove the necessity for constant re-evaluation and reduce the long-term costs, in terms of both time and money.

In this respect, Ashford highly recommends a structural cladding solution for any older building where the structural integrity of the building may be questionable.