Ashford has developed its expertise and knowledge of façade solutions over a 24-year period of sustained work for a number of high profile clients, largely within commercial industries.

Over the past quarter of a century we have witnessed and observed the changes within the façade industry, and have thus also evolved and developed our own services accordingly. Facade work is no longer simply generic protection, but rather something which contributes too to the overall aesthetics, function and character of a building.

Insulated, Rainscreen and rendered facades all offer something unique and different to a building, and Louvres have largely been considered to be conducive to a pleasant working environment within office blocks in particular, enabling workers to have more control over a building’s climatic conditions.

If you are looking to sure up an existing building then rainscreen cladding can provide a cost-effective and easy option. Offering your building further protection from the elements, rainscreen cladding can increase the robust nature of your building and enhance the longevity of the initial building materials beneath.

As well as protecting the structural integrity of the building by preventing any water getting through to the thermal layer, rainscreen cladding can also enhance the cosmetics of a building and indeed even add to its architectural quality.

There are a wide variety of rainscreen products and here at Ashford we are constantly staying on top of any new technological developments, in order to continue to provide the highest standard of service possible.

We have a diverse team of experts and can thus manage projects from conception through to construction, and also enjoy developing long term relationships and thus provide repair and maintenance work also.

As with any build conversion or refurbishment, it is crucial that the rainscreen cladding compliments the existing building with regards to colour, style and material and thus we treat each individual project uniquely, developing a custom service, and thus maintaining excellence.

We have earned a fantastic reputation throughout the UK during a quarter of a century’s worth or work, and this has been developed not only through quality in terms of construction, but too with regards to service. We are always communicative, clear, transparent and reliable, and do our upmost to deliver quality to each of our clients.

Here at Ashford, we have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to the planning and construction of louvre, and can offer you a fully comprehensive service, from discussing initial ideas, through to construction and onwards to maintenance. We have a diverse team of experts and also we have extensive experience of working with a variety of builds, in terms of both scale and style.

Louvres can make exceptionally impressive and imposing architectural additions to any building, and they can help to cover up any lack of aesthetic integrity within the existing build. There are a wide variety of louvre styles and systems that can suit a wide range of different building shapes and requirements, and can truly transform a building.

In particular with old industrial buildings, the architecture can be rather dated and aesthetically unappealing. This can also reflect negatively on the overall environment and even impact on productivity. A louvre is a simple and cost-effective way of changing this aesthetic with minimal effort and time.

Not only does the louvre impact positively on aesthetics, but it can provide ventilation and reduce glare, either as a primary or secondary façade solution. The material and style of louvres can vary drastically, depending on your requirements, and can complement any building, giving it a new lease of life.

Ashford always maintains excellent communications with each of our clients and we’re transparent from the offset. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and the positive reviews and feedback we have received over the years. We are always professional and seek to develop long-term relationships with everyone we work for. When it comes to louvres, we have the knowledge and experience necessary in order to provide you with the ideal solutions.