With almost a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in supplying high standard roofing solutions, Ashford are very much at the pinnacle of the industry. Our experience and expertise have been developed across a larger variety of projects, and with the capability to work with an array of different materials and structures, we are confident that we can realise any project vision.

Whether it is a new-build, refurb, conversion or simply repair and maintenance work, no project is too big or too small, and we have experience in dealing with a whole host of unusual requests. We treat each project uniquely and customise our service in order to achieve excellence, and very much seek to establish positive and communicative working relationships with each of our clients.

Profiled metal roofing can come in a range of different shapes, colours and styles to suit specific building requirements, and here at Ashford we are experienced and skilled in providing the perfect solution for you.

Providing instant weather protection and enhanced aesthetics, this roofing solution is highly desirable, efficient, and both time and cost effective.

With vast experience in commercial, agricultural and residential profiled metal roofing solutions, Ashford has dealt with a wide range of projects on a variety of scales, and thus no project is too big or too small. We are experienced in overcoming the complexities of large scale roofing and are thus in a prime position to help advise in the early stages, as well as constructing and offering further after-build assistance.

We always select the very best materials for any specific job, with consideration given to durability, strength, cost, and energy and environmental impact. Generally metal roofs are much more cost effective than other roofing materials and can indeed also reduce your contents insurance policy. Our roofs have excellent longevity and our guarantees ensure this for each and every one of our projects.

Ashford has built a fantastic reputation in the roofing industry, in Hull, Yorkshire and indeed the UK as a whole. This has come as a result not only of quality workmanship and excellent results, but also customer service, communications, reliability, transparency and cost. We have a large list of clients who continue to work with us, and we very much strive to maintain our record of excellence.

Composite roofing is a fantastic, cost and time effective option, in particular for larger buildings. It provides the same quality aesthetics as traditional concrete and clay tiles, but being a much more lightweight solution comes with a greatly eased installation process.

Ashford has worked with composite roofing on a number of projects on a variety of scales, and has consistently achieved excellent results. We have worked for a number of high profile clients and on many large-scale and complex builds. The experience and expertise we have acquired over a 24 year period has very much made us experts within composite roofing.

Due to the lightweight nature of composite tiles, they also provide the perfect solution for building conversions and repair as they require no structural adjustments or improvements. The transportation and labour costs are also reduced as a consequence.

As well as the ease of installation and cost-effectiveness, composite materials have also been advanced over a number of years in order to enhance the quality of the material. They thus provide a strong and robust roofing solution with excellent longevity. Repair and maintenance should be minimal and also easy and cost effective in itself.

Due to the lightweight nature of composite tiles, they also provide the perfect solution for building conversions and repair as they require no structural adjustments or improvements. The transportation and labour costs are also reduced as a consequence.

Composite can come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles and thus suit a range of building projects. It is also easy to custom make tiles for complex and unique designs, and therefore it is suitable for any number of buildings independent of size and style.

If you are seeking a composite roofing solution in the UK, then Ashford are only too happy to help. We take a great deal of pride in all of our work, and guarantee excellence to each of our clients.

Quality in build is essential when working with flat roofing, and mistakes can often lead to excessive maintenance work being required. Here at Ashford we have acquired 24 years’ worth of experience with dealing with flat roofing solutions on a variety of scales, and thus have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure a high level of quality.

Whether you are planning a new build, conversion or simply require maintenance and repair, Ashford are able to offer an exquisite level of service that strives to go beyond building. Rather we seek to offer a client-focussed, communicative, and fully comprehensive service, assisting you from the design phase through to the build, and onwards with repair and maintenance work.

We offer full guarantees on all of our work with flat roofing, and are confident that as a result of the quality of both material and workmanship our solutions will stand the test of time. We have experience with working for a number of high profile clients on large scale projects, and are thus aware of potential problems and have developed techniques to overcome them.

As a company Ashford has qualifications and certifications to conduct flat roofing work to a number of industry standards and specifications, and each of our personnel are fully trained and qualified. We have a diverse set of roofing experts and always select teams based on the specific requirements of a project.

We are experienced at working with built up felt, single ply membrane, hot melt and asphalt in addition to a number of new and innovative materials. We are able to adjust techniques to suit complex and unique design, and always strive to achieve quality in both product and reliability. We always maintain excellent communication with clarity and transparency, and seek to develop positive long term working relationships.

Fundamentally standing seam roofing solutions are lightweight, which makes them a great option within steel frame new-builds and refurbs.

They are also completely watertight, due to the lack of penetration on the outer metal sheet, which also makes the solution appropriate for long sloping roofs.

Ashford have a wealth of experience in working with a variety of Standing Seam roofing builds, and are able to advise on the most appropriate solution for your specific project needs and requirements. We have the expertise to work with our clients from design right through to construction, and always ensure that our projects are finished to the highest specification possible. We also enjoy developing long term working relationships and are thus also able to provide post-build repair and maintenance work.

The general maintenance required on Standing Seam Roofing solutions is minimal, and the nature of the build allows creativity and innovation to be easily incorporated into the design. Sloping roofs, curves, waves and all manner of other aesthetically pleasing design methods are easily achieved through this roofing approach, and additional hatches, lighting, smoke vents etc too can be added with no compromise to the general build.

Here at Ashford we are experienced in achieving a number of specifications within standing seam roofing, and are able to offer advice as to how your roofing solution can help create additional desired benefits, such as acoustic and thermal performance. All of our workers are highly skilled and experienced and thus too we offer an efficient and effective service at highly competitive rates, with relentless reliability and excellence at the core of everything that we do.

Ashford have a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of roof lights for a variety of buildings, and have always been able to complete projects to an exceptionally high standard.

Roof lights are a key component to any large scale build and are particularly important in large commercial buildings. Here they add an aesthetic dimension to the exterior, whilst at the same time improving the appearance and environment of the interior space. Especially with regards to offices and warehouses, this is crucial in order to create a pleasant working environment.

Available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, roof lights can truly add to the architectural quality of a build. Whether pyramid shaped, flat, circular or traditional lanterns, roof lights offer something truly unique to any building, and work with equal success on both flat and sloped roofs.

At Ashford, we always ensure that we work with the highest standard of materials and as technologies develop so too does our approach. We always seek to use energy saving glass, where appropriate, and ensure that both the aesthetics and functionality of our roof light solutions are maintained at the highest levels of excellence.

Each specific build requires a unique roof light solution and we always treat each of our projects with an individual attention and approach. It is imperative to ensure that the roof lights match both the style and material of the building, whilst also providing the necessary additional benefits.

The quality of the framing is also crucial as is the standard of workmanship, and here at Ashford we always ensure that quality is delivered throughout. If you are planning a new build, or considering installing roof lights on an existing building then look no further than Ashford to provide you with a quality, efficient and client-focussed service.

Nature roofing solutions can truly produce quality aesthetics and charm at the very highest level, and when dealt with efficiently, can too be structurally robust. Ashford has worked on roofing solutions with a wide range of materials and has experience of truly producing excellence in both aesthetics and functionality.

In addition to being aesthetically charming and adding a huge amount of character to any building, nature roofing also allows buildings to settle effortlessly into their surroundings and become a part of their area’s rich culture and heritage.

Sometimes the use of natural roofing material is enforced, especially within National Heritage areas, and thus it is imperative that the work is done to the highest standards possible, as any repair and maintenance work will be expensive.

When working with nature roofing solutions, Ashford always ensure that they source the most suitable materials for a specific location and building. The quality of craftsmanship needs to be maintained at a high level, and by guaranteeing our work we reduce the possibility of expensive repair and maintenance work.

We have worked for over 24 years using natural materials and thus have developed a wide range of methods to ensure quality. You don’t need to be concerned about the elements with our natural roofing solutions as we always ensure that our roofs are strong and robust, and come with the longevity to maintain their effectiveness long into the future.

If you have any concerns about an existing natural roof then we are able to help. We are communicative, friendly, transparent and clear in our approach, and will be able to offer sound advice, commitment-free quotes and if required a high quality level of service.